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50ft 14AWG 2 Wire CM Rated Speaker Wire Cable (For In-Wall Installations)

50ft 14AWG 2 Wire CM Rated Speaker Wire Cable (For In-Wall Installations)
50ft 14AWG 2 Wire CM Rated Speaker Wire Cable (For In-Wall Installations) 50ft 14AWG 2 Wire CM Rated Speaker Wire Cable (For In-Wall Installations) 
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50ft 14AWG 2 Wire CM Rated Speaker Wire Cable (For In-Wall Installations)

Speaker wires are used to make electrical connections for audio devices such as loudspeaker systems and audio amplifiers. Often times, a speaker wire will consist of two or more electrical conductors that are individually insulated. There are several types of speaker wire in the market today; however what matters most in a quality speaker wire is the result of thicker wires and copper material that are effectively used to reduce resistance, increase conductivity, while providing cost-effectiveness. A thicker wire prevents degradation from occurring as speaker resistance drops. The use of copper results in more conductivity and cost savings versus other materials, such as aluminum, silver, and gold.

When installing in-wall, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has several ratings that are used to comply with local code requirements. CL2 and CL3 are common ratings used for lower rating in-wall requirements. A CM rating is a step above CL2 and CL3, providing higher ratings for in-wall installations.

PI Manufacturing's speaker wire cables are made for delivering high fidelity audio that guarantees home audio enthusiasts with the most crisp, clear, and precise experience ever. Our speaker wire uses highly conductive copper with 14 AWG wires to deliver high quality performance, while providing maximum value for your money. Moreover, our speaker wire cables can be installed in-wall, hiding messy cables and can also be used for out of the wall applications. Furthermore, PI Manufacturing speaker wire cables are CM rated to meet most building codes and provide a higher rating compared to CL2 and CL3. Different gauges (12, 14, 18) plus 2 and 4-Conductor wire configurations are also offered. PI Manufacturing's CM rated speaker wire cables for in-wall installations are the perfect complement for your home theater audio systems.

  • 2-Conductor wire
  • White and Red inner jackets to help identify the correct polarity
  • Works with banana plugs
  • CM rated for in-wall installations (Higher rating than CL2 and CL3)
  • 14AWG thicker wires to reduce resistance
  • OD: 7.0mm
  • Designed for audio enthusiasts to reproduce high fidelity (hi-fi) output
  • Length: 50 feet
  • Bare Copper
  • UL listed

* image or specification may be changed without prior notice.
MaterialStranded Bare Copper
Construction41/0.254BS ± 0.008
Stranded Diameter1.90mm
Material32P 60°C UL (CM) PVC
Nom. Thickness0.41mm (Ref.)
Diameter2.65mm ± 0.1
ColorRed, Black
Material420D Nylon
Material60P 60°C UL (CM) PVC
Min. Thickness0.56mm
Nom. Thickness0.80mm (Ref.)
O.D.7.0mm ± 0.2




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