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HDMI Signal Cable Tester

HDMI Signal Cable Tester
HDMI Signal Cable Tester HDMI Signal Cable Tester HDMI Signal Cable Tester 
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HDMI Cable Tester

The PITS-PR19 provides a 9-volt DV continuity test on all the HDMI cable's active pins, proceeding through the pins automatically or one button press at a time. Any faults detected are identified as open, short, or reverse by a 3-color LED. Each TMDS channel (positive wire, negative wire, and shield wire), the CEC, SCL, and SDA channels, the +5V channels, and the HPD channel are tested. The PITS-PR19 can perform both loopback tests on uninstalled cables and remote tests on installed cables.

Technical Description

An HDMI connector has 19 pins. The PITS-PR19 test all pins except pin 14 (the "Reserved pin"). The PITS-PR19 places three pins at a time in series and tests them together; the color of the LED indicates the nature of any fault detected, and which wire (positive, negative, or shield) it is on. Thus, LED 1 tests pins 1-3 (red data), LED 2 tests pin 4-6 (green data), LED 3 tests pins 7-9 (blue data), and LED 4 test pins 10-12 (clock). LED 5 tests pins 13 and 17 (CEC and the CEC ground pin). Pins 15, 16, 18, and 19 (SCL, SDA, +5V, and HPD) are all tested independently. This means the PITS-PR19 can test an entire HDMI cable using only 9 circuits.

  • Select automatic or step (one button press at a time) testing
  • Remote unit enables tests of installed as well as uninstalled cables
  • 3-color LEDs indicate the nature of detected faults - open, short, or reverse
  • Remote unit attaches to transmitter for easy portability

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Compatible for TestingHDMI with Type A Connectors
Tests PerformedTests for Open, Shorts, Miswires
Test ModesAuto or Step
DisplaysTransmitter: 9 Red LEDs indicate test performed
Receiver: 5 Dual color LEDs, 4 Green LEDs indicates test results
BatteryStandard 9V Alkaline Battery (Not included)
SizeTransmitter: 2.8" x 4.8" x 1.1"
Receiver: 2.3" x 1.2" x 1.1"
Combined: 2.8" x 5.9" x 1.1"




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