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Passive Video Balun (Terminal Type) for CCD Cameras, Power Pass-Through - Monitor Side

Passive Video Balun (Terminal Type) for CCD Cameras, Power Pass-Through - Monitor Side
Passive Video Balun (Terminal Type) for CCD Cameras, Power Pass-Through - Monitor Side Passive Video Balun (Terminal Type) for CCD Cameras, Power Pass-Through - Monitor Side Passive Video Balun (Terminal Type) for CCD Cameras, Power Pass-Through - Monitor Side 
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Passive Video Balun (Terminal Type), Power Pass-Through, Monitor Side

PI Manufacturing's passive video balun for terminal type connections is the perfect solution for utilizing Cat5e or UTP cable to extend the distance of your security camera up to 500 feet of data and power. PI Manufacturing's video balun allows for convenient video and power transmission over distance without dragging heavy and expensive coaxial cables and having a power outlet near by to power up the camera. Power from this video balun (monitor side) passes through to give power to the camera side.

  • Passive video balun
  • Monitor side
  • Power voltage will pass through
  • terminal type connection
  • BNC male and DC female cable
  • 6 inch pigtail cable
  • Supports power pass-through from DC 12V-24V
Diagram Example Setup

Distance chart for passive/active video

Distance chart for power transmission using Cat5 or power cables

Video and Power Pin Out Assignment

Product Tutorials

Video Balun FAQ

Passive Baluns with Power
Part Camera-side
Power Output
Power Input
Surge &
NVA-P-100-SP pass-thru 3 RJ45 Y
NVA-P-110-PW pass-thru 3 terminal Y
NVA-P-110-SP pass-thru 3 terminal Y
NVA-P-110-PW-SG pass-thru 3 terminal Surge Y
NVA-P-110-SP-SG pass-thru 3 terminal Surge Y
NVA-501-W-KIT-1 pass-thru 3 terminal
NVA-501-W-KIT-2 pass-thru 3 terminal
NVA-871-SG-SP pass-thru 3 RJ45 surge Y
NVA-871-78-SP pass-thru 3 RJ45 Y
NVA-871-78-PW 12VDC 500mA 3 RJ45 overload Y
NVA-871-SG-PW 12VDC 500mA 3 RJ45 surge &
NVA-P-201 12VDC 500mA 3 terminal
NVA-P-201-ADA pass-thru 3 terminal
NVA-P-202-G-ADA pass-thru 3 terminal surge &
NVA-P-202-ADA pass-thru 3 terminal overload Y
NVA-P-202-PW 12VDC 500mA 3 terminal Y
NVA-P-202-G-PW 12VDC 500mA 3 terminal surge &
NVA-875-BS78-PW 12VDC 500mA 2 RJ45 overload
NVA-875-BS78-SP pass-thru 2 RJ45
RACK-016-45-SP pass-thru 3 RJ45

* image or specification may be changed without prior notice.

UsageMonitor Side
Device CategoryPassive, can receive power from Cat5 and output 12V DC to the camera
Connector for CameraBNC Terminal Type
Wire RequiredCat5, Cat6
Maximum Distance300ft
Remote PowerPower Pass-Through
Dimensions1.19" (64mm) x 2.44" (61mm) x 1.0" (23mm)
Weight1.1oz (30g)
Frequency ResponseDC to 6.5MHz
AttenuationRL = 75 to 100: 0.4dB, RL = 75 to 600: 1.2dB
ImpedanceCoax - 75 ohm
CoaxUnbalanced, 75 ohm
UTP C5eBalanced twisted pair, 24AWG, 100 ohm
Telephone CableBalanced twisted pair, 26-28AWG, 600 ohm




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