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100ft 26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer

100ft 26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer
100ft 26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer 100ft 26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer 100ft 26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer 
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100ft 26AWG High Speed HDMI Cable with Built-in Equalizer

Need to extend your HDMI setup? PI Manufacturing has the solution for you. Standard HDMI cables work great to carry audio and video in High Definition, but for most standard HDMI cables, they may encounter some signal loss after 25 feet in distance. This is where an HDMI with built in equalizer would come into play. These cables have a built-in equalizer to boost your signal to ensure the audio and video quality stays true to HD for longer distances. Additionally these cables are built with gold-plated connectors to optimize electrical conductivity for maximal data integrity and have an unparalleled high-speed transfer rate to provide you with the most realistic and enjoyable high-definition audio and visual experience.


  • A built-in equalizer to prevent signal loss over longer distances
  • Supports resolution up to 1080p at 60Hz
  • 24K hardened gold contacts
  • Three layer high density shielding for quality protection
  • Twisted pair construction
  • The addition of a HDMI Ethernet Channel allows networking capabilities, combining audio, video, and data all on one cable
  • An Audio Return Channel is included to allow the sending of audio data upstream from the TV to a surround sound audio system or A/V receiver, eliminating the need for a separate S/PDIF connection
  • Full 3D support
  • USB A Male for that additional boost of power to send the signal the full distance of the cable (Sender side)
  • Black color (Cable)
  • Blue Metal Hood
  • 100 feet length
  • 26 AWG wires
  • OD: 8.2mm
  • Bare copper
Since this is an active cable, it must be plugged in directionally. Cable ends are marked "Input" (device side) and "Output" (display side)

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Very Heavy Duty
by Sean on 2014-09-17
I used this cable for a job site and needed a cable to work at up to 100 feet. This worked well. For those using for installation, the USB end is optional and can be used if the HDMI is not providing enough power. Since it has an equalizer built-in, for the most part, it should work flawlessly.
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