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7ft Right-Angle High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black

7ft Right-Angle High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black
7ft Right-Angle High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black 7ft Right-Angle High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black 
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7ft Right-Angle High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet - Black

PI Manufacturing's High Speed HDMI cable with Ethernet is designed for home theater enthusiasts looking to maximize viewing experience by delivering high definition, uncompressed digital video and audio all on one single cable to your LCD, LED, or Plasma television. Our premium grade HDMI cable is High Speed certified to unleash the full capability of your Blu-ray or HDMI enabled device (PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, HTPC). High Speed HDMI cables will fully handle 1080p video content and other technologies, such as 4K x 2K (resolutions higher than 1080p), 3D (HDTVs with 3D), and Deep Color. When delivering 1080p content and more, a High Speed HDMI cable is recommended over a Standard HDMI cable (Standard HDMI cables are limited to delivering only 1080i content). PI Manufacturing's High Speed HDMI cables include an Ethernet channel, which integrates networking capabilities to the HDMI cable at speeds of up to 100 Mb/sec.

Our innovative Right-Angle HDMI cables are used to conserve space. With a television mounted onto the wall, the space between the television and the wall can be limited, making it difficult to plug in a standard HDMI cable into the provided slots. With a Right-Angle HDMI cable, this issue is resolved because the HDMI connector end is set on a 90 angle, which, in addition, plug into the provided slots in the back of your television effortlessly.

  • Supports resolutions up to 4K x 2K (4096 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high) at 60Hz / 18Gbps
  • 24K hardened gold contacts
  • Three layer high density shielding for quality protection
  • Twisted pair construction
  • The addition of a HDMI Ethernet Channel allows networking capabilities, combining audio, video, and data all on one cable
  • An Audio Return Channel is included to allow the sending of audio data upstream from the TV to a surround sound audio system or A/V receiver, eliminating the need for a separate S/PDIF connection
  • The introduction of input / output protocols for 3D Over HDMI paves the way to bringing true 3D gaming and viewing experiences to your home theater
  • Support for high video resolutions beyond 1080p (4K x 2K video support). The following formats are supported: 3840 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high, 4096 pixels wide by 2160 pixels high
  • Support for 3 additional color spaces deliver sharper and higher quality digital still photography when viewed on an HDTV
  • Black color
  • 7 feet length
  • 30 AWG wires
  • BC - Bare Copper

* image or specification may be changed without prior notice.
Connector Types:HDMI Male to HDMI Male
UL Listed:Yes
Gauge:30 AWG
Connector Finish:Gold Plated
HDMI Version:1.4




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