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18 Port USB Charger USB to DC SFP Cables
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Battery Holder / Open Type for 1 AA Battery with 6 inch 24AWG Lead

Battery Holder / Open Type for 1 AA Battery with 6 inch 24AWG Lead

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Crimp, Strip and Cut Tool for 8P8C Plug

The 8P8C RJ45 modular plug crimping tool combines both a wire stripper and cutter. Designed with a carbon steel frame and a chrome metal plating with a zinc-aluminum alloy crimping section, the tool provides a durable option for installers and custom cable assemblies.

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Choosing a Networking Cable that is Right for Me

Cat5e has been around for quite some time now, while Cat6, Cat6a are following in the footsteps with overall faster speeds and many other differences such as price, length, and shielding options in cable runs. Talking about speed first, generally Cat5e can go up to 1 Gigabit with 350 Mhz, where Cat6 and Cat6a are at 10 Gigabit with 550 Mhz. For most residential and home usage Cat5e will be the preferred choice as the distances are fairly short and the speed

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